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  I am the Bride’s father and will lead my daughter to the altar. What should this look like, what should I say when I “pass her on” to the Groom?

  I am the niece of a future Groom. I would like to organize an incredible surprise for the Newlyweds for their reception; one that they would remember for a long time... I would, please, like some advice.

  What does the “oczepiny” game with fortunes in balloons consist in?

  How much alcohol (vodka and wine) should we buy for a reception for 60 people?

  During my friends’ wedding party I was taking part in “oczepiny” and I caught the veil. I was sure that I should return it to the Bride, but she decided to give it to me. What should I do with it? Shouldn’t I return it anyway?

  Is there any provision in the canon law saying that the Bridal Couple should provide the parish-priest with a confirmation of pre-wedding confession?

  We would like to get married in a parish which is neither mine nor my fiancÚ’s. However, our parish-priest doesn’t want to give us permission to wed in another parish.
Has he got such right? How can we get such a permission?

  We are planning a wedding without the participation of children and we have a problem how to inform our guests about that fact. Should we put this information in the invitations or inform them in person when inviting to the wedding and reception? How to do this and not hurt anyone’s feelings? If it is proper to put information about arrival without children in the invitations, please give some example of a poem or other form.

  I will be my sister’s Maid of Honor and I have no idea how to organize a hen party for her and if I should pay for everything myself.

  Can a pair be wedding witnesses? Our parents say that according to superstitions it brings bad luck.

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