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  I’ve got a question regarding flowers from the wedding guests. I surely don’t like the idea of heaps of flowers withering at our home a few days after the wedding. Is it proper to ask the guests that each of them could present the Bridal Couple with a single rose, which in effect would make one big bouquet? Then we could dry it and keep as a reminder of this day. How to formulate this kind of request in the invitations?

  What does blessing the Bridal Couple before leaving to church look like?

  We are planning a concordat wedding. One of the witnesses will be my sister, who is still unmarried. My fiancé’s sister would also like to be our witness, however the problem is she is a divorcee. Are there any counter-indications for that? I hear this could bring us bad luck, although I’m not really superstitious.

  I have some doubts about the finish of the reception party. We have booked a reception room up to 3AM. These arrangements have been issued to us and there is no way of changing them. What should we do when the time comes and the guests would still like to celebrate? How to tactfully let them know that the reception party is finished? Maybe we should indicate the reception hours in the invitations?

  My goddaughter is getting married. I would like to buy her something as a memento, but I’m out of ideas. Could you suggest something – maybe something with engravings?

  My fiancé and I come from two quite distant localities (almost two ends of Poland). Is there any tradition stating in which of the localities the wedding celebrations should be held? Could you possibly propose some solution for the locality so our two families wouldn’t complain about having to travel through the whole country?

  What flowers and how big a bouquet should I buy for my fiancée and her mother for engagement? What should I say to her parents during the dinner and in which moment if we got engaged and I put the engagement ring on her finger a week ago?

  My question regards invitations. We got civil marriage 2 years ago, I took my husband’s last name back then. Next year we would like to get married in church. Under which last name should I invite the guests to the wedding and reception?

  What documents are required for a Polish citizen to get married to a foreigner abroad, what formalities should be fulfilled?

  We are planning a so called bursting balloon in the reception room decoration and I would like to know when exactly it should be burst?

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