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  We are planning a wedding without the participation of children and we have a problem how to inform our guests about that fact. Should we put this information in the invitations or inform them in person when inviting to the wedding and reception? How to do this and not hurt anyone’s feelings? If it is proper to put information about arrival without children in the invitations, please give some example of a poem or other form.
The fact an invitation mentions only the names of the adults, without the children, should be a sufficient indication to the receivers. In my opinion it surely is not proper to put any information meaning that „children are not welcome” in the invitations. You could delicately point out your intentions in a conversation, if you are asked about that issue.

However it is advisable that you think if for some parents the lack of possibility to come along with their children wouldn’t mean resignation from arrival to the reception (not everyone wants or is able to leave their children under somebody else’s care for such a long time). If so, it is worth to consider employing a professional babysitter, who would make the children’s time attractive and safe, and let the parents have some stressless fun.