The reception is at hand and still so few bands? Are all reception locations already booked for a year?
You are abroad and cannot look after everything yourselves?
Or maybe you do not have time or ideas how to organize your reception?

Thanks to cooperation with over a hundred firms from the wedding sector and a few years of experience, we are able to organize a wedding and reception of your dreams - original, of the highest standard, even a last minute one.

Feel free to read what we can offer you.

In our offer you will find an exclusive collection of invitations from Belgium, products of the biggest Polish manufacturers and even unique hand-made products, made to individual order. Agency Consultant will present you with projects of invitations or announcements and will help you make a choice. We will also help you redact the invitation texts, print them, send them out and confirm the guests' arrival. The style of the invitations can also be used for place cards, reception menu cards, personalized bottle tags and favor cards for the reception guests.
Stylists cooperating with us are true professionals, priding themselves on knowing the most recent techniques used by world's famous masters of stylization, visage and hairdressing. Their professional consulting refers to clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry and the wedding bouquet, also make-up and hairstyle. They will assist both the Bride and the Groom and give them advice during fittings in prestigious wedding fashion shops or designer/tailor studio. Make-up and hairstyling - both trial and on the wedding day - will be done at your house or any other place suitable for you.
To complete your wedding image you will also be able to use the special cosmetic skin care programs and nail stylization in renowned cosmetic studios.
We will not forget about your Parents, Maiden of Honor and Best Man, bridesmaids, groomsmen and the flower girls!
                         The wedding reception
An old castle, manor, palace, renowned restaurant, historical or ultramodern hotel in the vicinity of the enchanting Wrocław Town Square or monumental walls of Ostrów Tumski... All these places have often had celebrities as guests and now they are at your disposal too. From among our Partners' offers, we will choose the objects that meet your requirements - size, style, location and price. We will make reservations in the chosen location and give you advice on reception menu composition. We will also order a one of the kind wedding cake from masters of confectionery. Our suppliers will provide an unlimited assortment of alcohols.
We cooperate with leading catering firms, which manage highly skilled staff and modern equipment, and most of all meet the most restrictive sanitary standards. Thanks to all that, we are able to organize your event in any location. We can guarantee that the menu composition and quality of service will please even the most demanding people.
                         Flowers and decorations
AMP Agency's partners in the field of flower arrangements for events are master florists, endowed with taste and limitless inventiveness. They will compose not only a unique wedding bouquet but also, in reference to that style, make all the other flower arrangements: pins for the Groom and guests, and decorations for the car, church and reception location. They will remember about flowers for the traditional thanks to the Parents.
We would also like to recommend you the service of our decorators, who will prepare a décor suitable for the style of the ceremony, to your liking and imaginations. Extraordinary designs - balloons, flowers or fabric in composition with lighting - will be made with taste, elegance and care for the slightest details.
                         Outdoor ceremonies
These have a special place in our offer and are a nice challenge. We are deeply convinced that at our disposal we have all the elements necessary to organize a perfect wedding and reception outdoors. In our offer you will find: pavilion tents of any size, tables (also round), chairs with covers and previously mentioned catering and decoration services.
                         Musical frame
We can offer you not only the best bands, but also experienced DJs (including radio and club DJs) who will make your reception guests want to move. Classical music performers (solo singer, choir, piano, string instruments, trumpet, harp, gospel band) will add splendor to your wedding ceremony.
We will see to it that artist photographers cooperating with the Agency will make your photographs the most beautiful and everlasting memories of this special day. They will take highest quality, extraordinary reportage and studio photographs. They will propose locations for outdoor sessions or realize them in your favorite places. You will be given all the materials in both digital and traditional printed form. We will surprise you with unique wedding albums of a personalized design.
Employing only professional and experienced operators, lighting experts, sound technicians and editors stocked with the most up-to-date equipment, we will make a unique movie report form your special day. Prior to that, we will work with you on the film's scenario, provided to you in any desired form and language version.
                         Transport for the Bridal Couple and reception guests
It is only up to you what kind of vehicle will drive you to the church. We can offer you elegant limousines, retro cars and even historic American cruisers form a private collection. To emphasize the romantic atmosphere we can book a horse carriage or a recreation ship for you. Renting a balloon or a plane is not a problem either! We can coordinate guest transportation with comfortable coaches or mini-buses. Or maybe they would fancy a ride in "Ja¶ i Małgosia" tram or "Fredru¶" coach?
If the Bridal Couple wishes to prepare a scenario different from traditional, we can offer them a whole variety of attractions, which will give the reception a particular convention (e.g. Old Polish or Baroque) or just use some of the elements as hits of the event. The choice is virtually limitless, but the most popular activities are dance shows along with original contests, karaoke, pantomime and illusion shows (especially good for multinational receptions), and breathtaking firework shows.

A sweet way to integrate the guests and absolute hit of any event - the chocolate fountain - can also be found in our offer. And what would you say for amazing ice sculptures, bars or glasses?

We have also many other spectacular attractions, including: pyrotechnical cascades and fountains, bursting balloons and confetti - to make an impressive effect for example during the Newly Wedded first dance. There are also personalized guest books and sweet, elegant favors for the guests. As for the church, we can prepare a ring bearer pillow and cones with flower petals or boxes with rice that your guests will shower on you.

                         Hen and stag party
We can organize absolutely crazy, uncommon and unforgettable "last nights of freedom". Hen party or stag party prepared by us means loads of attractions, surprises and astonishing turns of action. Skillfully arranged events will make the bride-to-be or groom-to-be feel they are the centre of the universe!

This is the most important and most responsible part of our job. The coordination service refers to pre-wedding preparations, the wedding and reception day, and finalizing all the business when the wedding bells have stopped ringing.

Our role during the preparations is carrying everything out so as the Bridal Couple is absorbed as little as possible. The coordinator holds all the offers from the wedding sector so the Bridal Couple can freely choose them not worrying about contracts, advance payments and detailed arrangements. All the things related to the wedding and reception are arranged in one place and in the most suitable way (in person, by phone or by e-mail). We are available to you as consultants for any matters related to the wedding and reception, we will dispel all your doubts, make you familiar with the wedding customs and traditions, and reception savoir vivre. We will guide you through the wedding formalities. We will gladly advise you on the texts for the blessing, traditional welcoming for the Newly-weds, speeches and thanks to the Parents. We will present liturgical readings suitable for the wedding ceremony and songs for the first dance. We will give you advice on how to arrange guests in the wedding procession and their seating at the reception tables. We will keep you updated about the status of the preparations.

On the Special Day, our consultants will accompany you from the morning preparations up to late night. They will keep an eye on the wedding and reception preparations, coordinate the actions of decorators and florists, caterers, lighting specialists and sound technicians, and other contractors.

They will look after the Bridal Pair and see to the guests' comfort - the transportation, accommodation, preparation for welcoming the Newly-weds, taking seats in the church and at the reception, not forgetting about a program for the youngest participants of the reception.
During the wedding ceremony and reception, the coordinator will discreetly keep watch on the course of the events, according to the scenario prepared with the Bridal Couple. The flowers and gifts you get will be transported to an indicated place.
Our work will end about a week or two after the wedding when we will finalize the settlements with all the subcontractors and, on behalf of the Bridal Couple, send Thank You cards to the guests.

The only thing left is to wait for the photographic and film memories.

There is nothing impossible for us. If your wishes exceed the offer described above, we will fulfill them specially for you.