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  Should children be put in invitations regardless of their age?

  I would like to know what should be the order of bridesmaids, groomsmen and the Groom in the wedding procession – I will be led by my father. Should the bridesmaids wait at the altar with the Groom or should they walk in front of me?

  How do you professionally ask for confirming the arrival and where do you put it in the invitation?

  Is it proper to have two Best Men or two Maidens of Honor? I have been reading about it on the forum but I have never seen such a situation with my own eyes.

  What are the possibilities of organizing wedding reception in a garden?

  My question regards personalized invitations. Should I write „Mrs. X and husband” or rather “Mrs. and Mr. Helena and Robert X”? What should I do in case of a divorced person, should I write „Mrs. Y with a companion”?

  I have doubts about inviting colleagues and bosses to a wedding ceremony.
The wedding is no secret in my firm, moreover, people have been asking me more and more about it. I would like to invite my colleagues and bosses, but I wouldn’t like to make a blunder.
Could I invite “the firm” only to the church? These people are not that close to me so as to invite them to a family reception. Although I have used their help a few times, e.g. reception place or band recommendations. Won’t they feel offended?

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