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  We have heard about it being more often for the invitations to ask not to give flowers to the newly-weds and instead to bring plush toys, which are afterwards given away to children’s homes or such. That’s why we have agreed that instead of a sea of flowers we would like to get books. There is only one problem: how to put it in the invitation? Should we also point the genre? Please help us.

  We have a problem regarding gifts. Our relatives’ and friends’ taste differs a lot from ours. When asked what we would like to get as our wedding gifts, could we answer that we prefer money? Is it proper?

  We are planning a reception for 30 people. We would like to organize a buffet. What should it look like and what should be there on the tables?

  I am getting married in July in a registry office. I would like to ask if it is right to choose a white wedding dress.

  Can I wear a veil for my wedding if I have a 10-month-old daughter? Is it proper? Can I wear something else instead?

  We are planning a reception for about 20 people. We have no idea what it should look like.

  We would like to get married abroad. We were thinking of going to some exotic island or a charming place in Europe, e.g. Italy, Greece or Spain. Do you handle such orders or are you able to point a travel agency that would organize such a trip?

  Both my partner and I are living in my town of birth and the wedding will be organized here. My guests are mostly local, but my fiancÚ’s guests come from localities 100 kilometers away from here. Our reception will be modest, since we have to watch the costs. My question is: is it our duty to pay for the night’s lodging for the guests? It’s almost half of the invited people and the cost will be quite high for us. Should we add in the invitations that we do not cover the cost of the night’s lodging? How to solve this problem?

  I am 33 years old and I will be getting married in June. It will be a concordat wedding. I have a 12-year-old son.
Considering the fact I am a maiden with a child, can I wear a white wedding dress? I have visited rental shops and tried on dresses in the color of toffee, gold and ecru but I look best in a white one.
Moreover my partner will be wearing a steely suit or a steely waistcoat with a cravat. The chosen wedding dress is embroidered in silver.

  My mother has passed away. At which moment of the reception should I go to the cemetery with flowers?

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