Below you will find the most interesting questions sent by our site's visitors and our answers to them. We are very thankful to the Respondents for the help in co-redacting this section.

  I am the niece of a future Groom. I would like to organize an incredible surprise for the Newlyweds for their reception; one that they would remember for a long time... I would, please, like some advice.
There are thousands of attractions that you could present to the Bridal Couple to surprise them. The only limitations are you inventiveness and budget.

You can find quite a lot of ideas for example in our offer: chocolate fountain, soap bubbles, dance show, illusion or pantomime, bursting balloon or ice sculptures.

If the budget were really considerable, we could propose a recital of a star from the front pages of magazines or a fireworks show that would match a New Year’s Eve one with its lavishness, or an exotic honeymoon trip.

You could also present the Newlyweds with something very personal. If you have some special talents, it could be a special arrangement of a song, recitation of your own poem, displaying a presentation of the Bridal Couple’s photographs (necessarily accompanied by amusing or touching comments).