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  I am the Bride’s father and will lead my daughter to the altar. What should this look like, what should I say when I “pass her on” to the Groom?
A moment before the wedding mass the Groom, led to the church by his parents, stands next to the chairs prepared for the Bridal Couple. The Bride and her father stay in the entrance hall waiting for the signal to start the ceremony (sound of bell and afterwards the first tones of the composition starting the mass). Then they move slowly towards the altar – the Bride on her father’s right side – and approach the Groom. If the Bride is wearing a vale covering her face, her father unveils her and after kissing her (usually on the forehead), passes her on to the Groom.
There are no specific customs or practices concerning the statements accompanying this moment. It can happen without a word, although the Bride’s father may shake his future son-in-law’s hand with sincerity and say a few sentences straight from the heart, for example: “I give you my daughter’s hand. Lover her just like I do. Take care of her and respect her.”
The Groom kisses his Fiancée’s hand and helps her take her seat (the Bride sits on the right), the Bride’s father takes a seat at his pew and the ceremony begins.