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Several years of experience in the wedding sector...
Several dozen of organized wedding receptions, and satisfied pairs...
Membership of the Polish Wedding Planners Association...
...with all this comes great responsibility
                         AMP Agency - Advanced Marriage Projects - why such a name? Organizing a wedding ceremony and a wedding reception associates with an extremely complicated project. Very often it is the biggest project we will have ever undertaken in life. It is worth to add that the AMP Agency's owner can pride herself on having experience in implementing projects, which she has gained in renowned financial institutions. This knowledge is very helpful in our everyday work.
                         "Marriage project" means numerous hours spent on meetings and negotiations, phone calls, searching Internet sites. The joy of waiting for the Big Day mixes with the feeling of uncertainty: "have we thought about everything?", "will it be exactly the way we dreamt of?"
                         When you decide to use our services let us relieve you of the trouble of organizing and looking after any matters related to the wedding and reception. Thanks to us you will save your precious time and forget about the pre-wedding stress, which very often accompanies the preparations to the ceremony. You can be sure that you are entrusting yourselves to professionals that will fulfill, or even get ahead of all your dreams and expectations with great competence and originality.
                         We are offering you a wide range of services associated with organizing the wedding and reception. You can commission us to prepare the whole ceremony or choose offers of only some of our Partners. We will keep you posted about each step of the preparations we have taken and consult each proposed solution with you.
                         We operate in the area of Wroc≥aw (Poland) and voivodeships of Lower Silesia and Opole.
In case you were interested in organizing an event outside this area we can offer you the services of agencies that cooperate with us in other regions of Poland.
Welcome and feel free to use our service,

Agnieszka ∆wik≥a-Suszek

Wedding Consultant - Owner
Member of
the Polish Wedding Planners Association